Comms Allen-Bradley

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Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s)

2760-SFC2 Allen-Bradley

Protocol Cartridge, used to communicate AdaptaScan-SN3, -SN5 or -SN8 bar code reader with the 2760-RB interface module via DH485 protocol
Price $188.23

2760-RB Allen-Bradley

Bulletin 2760 Flexible Interface Module, 2-Slot, for use in 1771 I/O Series B Chassis, allows communication between devices that use different...
Price $182.16

2760-SFC1 Allen-Bradley

DF1/ASCII Protocol Cartridge (RS-232 & RS-422) for use with 2760-RB Flexible Interface Module, contains protocol and configuration software
Price $170.02